Saxo Market Call

Consolidation, correction or crash?

September 29, 2021

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We have no idea where markets are headed, but yesterday saw a new capitulation of sorts in equity markets, particularly for interest rate sensitive stocks, which underperformed a broadly sold market. Key technical levels are dead ahead in the US S&P 500, including the pivot low of the prior sell-off and the 100-day moving average, while we ponder the contributors to this sell-off, spiking yields and especially energy prices, which actually cooled yesterday in the case of crude oil. We also look at the currency market heating up in sympathy with volatile equity markets, gold showing some degree of resilience while sterling was in for a heavy beating, and in equities, we zoom in on Micron and ASML. Today's pod features Peter Garnry on equities, Ole Hansen on commodities and John J. Hardy hosting and on FX.

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