Saxo Market Call

Market warning: dominoes are falling.

August 20, 2021

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Today we look at an attempt by the US market to post a recovery yesterday after an extension of the sell-off, but how we continue to see a number of divergences within the market, as well as a backdrop in which an increasing number of key cyclical assets are not only rolling over, but showing aggressive downside momentum, all of this aggravated, if not driven, by a very strong US dollar. This leads us to upgrade the risk that we are set for a significant market setback in coming weeks, something that might actually be healthy for the broader and extremely extended bull market. A look at recent commodity performance, FX lining up in risk-on, risk-off fashion, an interesting new vertical farming stock and more. Today's pod features Peter Garnry on equities, Ole Hansen on commodities and John J. Hardy hosting and on FX.

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